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Dr. Charles Phillips

Dr. Charles Phillips grew up in California. Before attending the University of Pennsylvania, University of Veterinary Medication he educated all sciences other than physics at St. George’s College in Los Angeles, Ifrom 1989-92. He graduated with his VMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983 and has actually been associated with veterinary medicine ever since. Dr. Charles started Daily Dew Claw Veterinary Center in December of 1999. In 2000, Dr. Charles Phillips joined the practice and also as the practice remained to expand, they moved the center right into a bigger center in February 2011. Dr. Charles Phillips belongs to the American Vet Medical Organization, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, as well as delights in offering with as well as assisting companies that concentrate on wild life rehab as well as lowering the feral pet cat populations via TNR programs (catch, neuter, launch). He has worked with the Robert Potter League for over 30 years, and additionally volunteers for Paws Watch TNR clinics as well as TNR clinics on Mustique Island in the West Indies and also BWI.

Positions: Founder, Vet
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